0600 UTC April 22 – 2200 UTC April 23 2017

This is not a highly rare IOTA as its been claimed by 28.4% but when you think about it, this means that there are 71.6% of IOTA chasers that still need it.

Based on current band conditions I will spending most of my time on 40m SSB which is a very effective band from VK7. I will also spend some time on 20m SSB, 17m SSB and 30m PSK63.

I will be using quarter wave monoband verticals on 40m and 30m each with 32 radials, I will be a using vertical dipole on 20m and 17m. I will use the 40m vertical on 15m. The vertical antennas will be located at the high tide mark of the beach with a clear water take off on the short path to Asia and Europe and the long path of North America. Whilst there is not a water take off on the short path to North America, 40m will work very well to this part of the world from southern VK7. This just means you’ll need to wake up early. There are good forecasts for 17m and 20m to NA in your evening, so you may be lucky there too. I will not be on CW, I have only just begun learning CW and I work full time. So I have VERY limited time to practice, I hope to try a little bit of CW in DXpeditions late this year.


I will have internet access on the island and so I can update logs regularly and spot myself on the DX clusterbut the best place to look is on the “ON AIR NOW” page. I’ve analysed the propagation forecasts for you to see below and I will be on the following bands at the following times:

0000 to 0100 UTC on 20m NA (l/path)

0100 to 0200 UTC on 17m NA/AS

0200 to 0400 UTC on 15m NA or 17m NA 

0400 to 0600 UTC on 17m NA/AS or 20m NA 

0600 to 0700 UTC on 20m NA/AS or 40m NA   

0700 to 0930 UTC on 20m EU (l/path)/NA/AS or 40m EU(long path)/NA

0930 to 1400 UTC on 40m NA/AS (some activity 30m PSK63) 

1400 to 1600 UTC on 40m EU/AS/west NA (some activity 30m PSK63)

1600 to 1900 UTC on 20m EU/AS or 40m EU/Asia (some activity 30m PSK63)  

1900 to 2130 UTC on 40m EU/AS (some activity 30m PSK63) 

2130 to 2300 UTC on 20m AS

2300 to 0000 UTC on 20m NA (l/path)/AS